Completed Activities

  • Organization of four Crime and Place sessions (PDF) at the 2015 annual meeting of the European Society of Criminology:
    1. Recuding Crime (presenters: Alexandra Gomes, Kate Bowers, Henk Elffers, Torbjørn Skardhamar)
    2. Crime Attractors and Crime Generators (presenters: Nuno Alvin, Wouter Steenbeek, Stijn Ruiter, Heleen Janssen)
    3. The Geography of Crime (presenters: Marre Lammers, Rafael Valente, Maria Francisca Rebocho, Ella Cockbain)
    4. Location Choice (presenters: Lucas Melgaço, Wim Bernasco, Mattias de Backer, Barbara Menting)
  • First meeting of the fledgling Working Group: On september 4, 2015, we had our very first meeting at the ESC conference